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GiviNg fiNancially

We are always grateful when people financially support us. 

To do all that we want to do costs money and so we are thankful for your giving.

You can give regularly or make a one-off donation. 



‘We are all on the pitch!’


If you can help with anything at Mustard Seed do let us know - be it at Sunday services or at our courses, events and other activities.

Also, we are always wanting to dream and imagine what could be for this community and so we welcome ideas for new initiatives.

thank you!

Mustard Seed couldn’t happen with out your kindness and support - so thank you!


We have a saying at Mustard Seed which is ‘we’re all on the pitch’.


This means that all at Mustard Seed have a place 'on the field' and in the team. So thanks for being part of it all and making it happen!

One body with many parts

We love to celebrate people's diverse talents, skills and attributes at Mustard Seed and thank God for all of the different ways people are able to share their gifts.


Those attending Mustard Seed might share their organisational skills, culinary abilities, musical gifts, finances...the list goes on! We truly appreciate all of the friendly faces that welcome our Soul Food guests each week, those who serve coffee and set tables at our Sunday service, our children's group leaders, and all of the other many ways that people contribute to making church happen.


Mustard Seed is one community made up of a diverse group of people - or as it says in the Book of 1 Corinthians - 'One body with many parts'.

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