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Jesus did some of his most incredible work at mealtimes and we try to emulate this.  We have hospitality and social justice at our heart - including free hot meals, welcoming Sunday services, debt advice and lots more.

Many of our community are or have been experiencing the issues of homelessness.  We are a community who believe in the “Good News” that God loves us all, whoever we are.  We hope that in all we do, with everyone we meet, people experience this.


Mustard Seed is an inclusive church.  That means everyone is welcome - whether you’re poor, rich, old, young, LGBTQI+, straight, whatever your gender, race, or life experience, whether you’re doubting or firm in your beliefs. We are all on a journey and are happy to be part of your journey.


We started Mustard Seed Edinburgh as a church in June 2017.  Many of us were involved with a community meal that's held every week at P's & G's Church Edinburgh, called Soul Food.


It was at Soul Food that we discovered the power of hospitality and kindness, and we wanted to make these ideals central to all of what we are and do. So, rather tentatively, we set off from Ps and Gs and started a new community down the road in Leith.


Since then we have been journeying together in order to encourage each other to better live out the life that Jesus calls us to, in our church, in our neighbourhood and in our personal relationship with God.

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The Bishop of Edinburgh commissioned us to be a Community of Mission within the Scottish Episcopal Church. He told us to be ‘Rooted and Radical.’


So in all we do we try to be deeply connected to God. Worship and prayer are vital to us.  But it doesn’t stop there.


We try to link up to our community in ways which help us to listen and understand.  This means mission is at the heart of all we try to do.

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Our big passion has been walking alongside those who have found themselves to be dealing with the issues of homelessness. 


We have partnered with CAP by becoming a debt centre and running their courses.


During lockdown we recognised that many people were struggling with mental health issues. This led us to begin our Gardening Club which has become a safe place for people to share, enjoy life together and grow a brand new garden.


We walk alongside New Scots (refugees and asylum seekers) in Edinburgh.


We also have a great relationship with the churches of the area and try to work with them as much as possible.


The KiNgdom of Heaven is like a

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Mustard Seed Values


In a world which can be difficult to navigate we want kindness to surround our community and everything that we do. With this we hope that new ideas and ways forward are found and that second chances are discovered. 


The table is at the centre of things. We believe that great food - along with space for conversation - changes things, enables new plans and transformation to be imagined and worked through.


We value everyone’s gifts and abilities and want to encourage these to be at the centre of our community in order to shape and develop it.


We long for a kinder and fairer world. We especially want to walk alongside people who are homeless in Edinburgh and support them wherever that may take us. We desire a transformation of community where those on the edges find a place and a voice.


In a world that can be hard we want the joy of knowing Jesus to be at the very centre of all we do.


Meet the team

We are currently operating in a vacancy as our Pioneer Priest left Mustard Seed in early 2024. During this period the trustees are providing leadership and guidance, with the support and involvement of members.


Our current trustees are:

David Strang (Chair)

Andrew Strutzenberg

Anny Ackermann

Myra Martin

Niall Sherriffs (Treasurer and Secretary)

Reverend Dr. Marion Chatterley (Diocesan Rep.)

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