We want Mustard Seed to be a community with hospitality at the heart. So, each week at our Sunday Gathering we share a meal together. We also finish our worship gathered round a table sharing communion.


Jesus did some of his most incredible work at mealtimes and so we simply try to emulate this.


We describe ourselves as a Community of Good News, rooted in prayer. Our hope is that in all we do, and with everyone we meet, something of the Good News of the Kingdom of God would be encountered.

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Mustard Seed Edinburgh is a church that started in June 2017.

Many of us were involved with a community meal that's held every week at Ps and Gs Church Edinburgh, called Soul Food.

It was at Soul Food that we discovered the power of hospitality and kindness, and we wanted to make these ideals central to all of what we are and do. So, rather tentatively, we set off from Ps and Gs and started a new community.

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The Bishop of Edinburgh commissioned us to be a community of mission.


He told us to be ‘Rooted and Radical’.


Or - in other words - to be deeply connected to the story of God, whilst having the courage to connect God’s story into new

places and new ways.

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It’s been a sharp learning curve! We had an idea of what we wanted to do and putting it into practice has evolved over time.


It’s been fantastic to see how God has shaped us and used our gifts to bring this community to life. We’re finding we have greater confidence in connecting with our neighbours in Leith and across Edinburgh.


We’re very excited to see how this will grow and develop.


The KiNgdom of Heaven is like a

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Mustard Seed Values




In a world which can be difficult to navigate we want kindness to surround our community and everything that we do. With this we hope that new ideas and ways forward are found and that second chances are discovered. 


The table is at the centre of things. We believe that great food - along with space for conversation - changes things, enables new plans and transformation to be imagined and worked through.


We value everyone’s gifts and abilities and want to encourage these to be at the centre of our community in order to shape and develop it.


We long for a kinder and fairer world. We especially want to walk alongside people who are homeless in Edinburgh and support them wherever that may take us. We desire a transformation of community where those on the edges find a place and a voice.


In a world that can be hard we want the joy of knowing Jesus to be at the very centre of all we do.


Meet the team


Rev. Richard Cornfield

PioNeer Priest

Richard loves leading Mustard Seed Edinburgh. For him it's all about Jesus. He loves the idea of kindness and is fond of Birmingham City and The Beatles.

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Jenny Cornfield

Soul Food EdiNburgh and Soul Talk Lead

Alongside Richard, Jenny pioneered Mustard Seed. She leads Soul Food Edinburgh. She is a lover of words and is passionate about the power of story.

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Liz Jarvis

Mustard Seed AdmiNistraTive lead

Liz is passionate about people connecting with Jesus in their own way and finding their voice. Her other interests include lighthouses and bacon.

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